About FMmoon Radio

What is FMmoon?

FMmoon internet Broadcasting Internet Radio this is only for entertainment and Education Broadcasting. Example: Song, Drama, Talk show, Educational Program, About Country, Kids entertainment, Natural disaster ext.

About FMmoon

Welcome to FMmoon (www.fmmoon.com) is almost a commercial-free online radio station that wants to make you feel better about their presentation and implementation style of programs and presentation. Your choice and preferences are heard carefully by the broadcasting team and you can see/Hear that in various kinds of programs of FMmoon.com.

FMmoon Do not support /Not Agree

1. FMmoon Do not support Religious discrimination. We never allow any entertainment that hurt any body’s religious believe.

2. FMmoon Do not support Any political party. We support only humanity.

3. FMmoon Do not support anything related to Drugs. We strongly a giants drugs.

4. FMmoon Do not support People harassment. We never allow anything that related to people harassment.

5. FMmoon Do not support Sexual activity. We have reset for all gender.

6.FMmoon Do not support Anti-state. We support the whole world.

7. FMmoon Do not support Communal. We believe in Cosmopolitanism.

8. FMmoon Do not support Provocative speech or activities.

9. FMmoon Do not support Violent work or activities.

10. FMmoon Do not support Hatred activities.

11. FMmoon Do not support Personal attack in any circumstances.


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