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Fill out this form in order to submit a new station to FMmoon Radio.Before you submit a new radio station please make sure it doesn’t already exist in FMmoon. All the fields that are marked with a star (*) are mandatory

The radio station name that will appear on all FMmoon platforms
Official URL to the website of the station e.g (
Slogan, brand, motto or short description
Radio Station Country only the more information you provide, the easier it will be for users to find your station) Country*
Company / Radio Station street address
Mobile for Land Phone Please use with Country code, Example; +88 9 1234567890
Select the genres that best describe the station (must select at least one). If you can't find a matching genre here, please contact us and we'll add it for you.
Optional: Please enter radio tunes Number: Example: 88.0, 11.2, 00.3, 088 ext...
Please select your service, If free 0.00 $ per Month, Silver 50.0$ Per Month and Premium 150$ Per Month. For More information visit
Station detailed description (cannot be the same as slogan)
Radio Station Stream URL. Supported streams: MP3, AAC (if you don't have one please contact us) Make sure the stream is valid and working to avoid a delay in adding your station to TuneYou
Please enter your radio station type
Station main spoken language
Full Name
Will be used to update you once the station goes live or for any other important updates, Please input Confirm / Valid Email Address.
Example: Staff, CEO, Manager, Owner ext...
Please enter your security question`s answer for further information updated. Example: Green and Cow

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