When will the corona virus leave the world?

Corona virus will never go away?

ICMR says, ‘Coronavirus will live forever ICMR says

Corona virus will never go away? Gradually reaching the endemic level, it will turn into influenza. This was stated by a senior official of ICMR on Friday. Which means, the corona virus in the form of influenza will ‘survive forever’ within a certain population in a particular area.

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According to Dr. Sameeran Panda, head of the epidemiology department at ICMR, coronavirus will need to be vaccinated once a year once it reaches the endemic level. He added that influenza took the form of an epidemic 100 years ago. But now it has become an endemic or regional disease. Similarly, coronavirus will reach the endemic level after passing the current stage.

In addition, Dr. Pandar advises that adults should be vaccinated every year. In this case, the whole world has been asked to take the vaccine available in the country without waiting for the approval of the vaccine. New mothers also need to be vaccinated. Dr. Pander said that the antibodies that will be made in the mother’s body will also be effective for the child during breastfeeding. The child will be less likely to be infected corona.

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