iPhone 13: Calls can be made to the new iPhone13 without network!

iPhone users will be able to make calls even if they do not have a Forge or FiveG network.

The thirteenth version of the iPhone is coming to the market next month. Earlier, there were rumors surrounding the iPhone 13. Apple expert Ming-Chi Chio added a new addition. He claims that even if there is no mobile network, iPhone 13 users will be able to make calls. In fact, Apple is going to bring low-earth-orbit satellite phones.

Qualcomm customized X60 baseband chip may be available in iPhone 13. It can be called even if there is no Forge or FiveG network. For this, the telecom operators will have to work with the US satellite communication company ‘Globalstar’. It can be said that they will serve the customers using Globalstar’s satellite. Apple is optimistic about satellite connection in smartphones. They are also doing research in this regard.

There is still no satellite call facility on any smartphone. In addition to Apple, more than one company is working. It is heard that iPhone 13 may debut on September 14. There may be four models. IPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini. The display can be 5.4 inches in the mini version and 6.1 inches in the Pro version.


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