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Media directories are usually geographic listings of media outlets. Typically, entries include brief masthead and editorial information as well as circulation figures. Formerly the print Bacon’s directories for print media, TV, and radio, Cision provides contact and content notes for media figures around the world.

FMmoon Global Media Directory

The world of media is changing at an unprecedented rate as technology disrupts the established business models for selecting and buying media. Fragmentation of the media landscape and its audience is the result. Digital technologies have splinted media into numerous niches, channels and segments. Consumers now choose exactly how and when they interact with a brand, be it Internet, TV, Radio, Mobile or Print.

Today, there are very few people or directories that have/can provide a complete view of the brands available over multiple channels. The Global Media Directory is the largest single source on Media, Globally or by a specific market. Covering 233countries, some 300,000 media, it provides a one-point source for instant access.

The Global Media Directory provides details such as rates, circulation, frequency, media profiles and address/contact details.

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