Internet Radio Directories: Submit & Promote

Struggling to get noticed? Add your radio station to popular internet radio directories to promote and attract more listeners.

What is an online radio directory?

Internet radio directories are websites that act like libraries of internet radio stations where listeners can easily find online radio stations according to their taste in music and the type of station.

So, an easy (and free) way to place your online radio in front of a potential fan base is to list it on as many radio directories as possible. If you type ‘online radio directory’ on Google you will find (at this moment) 177,000,000 results! So it’s quite a job to find the best online radio directories where you can submit your station. To save you all that time and effort, we’ve gathered the 14 best internet radio directories for you to add your radio station and grow your listeners with ease. So, without further ado, here are the best online radio directories of lot of device.

Getting noticed online is tough. But just like the yellow pages, internet radio directories are great for discoverability.

For those out of the loop, internet radio directories are places to find both new and old stations, big and small. Usually, directories categories shows based on genres, showcase good ones, and generally preach new stations to shine a spotlight on them. And surprisingly, they do wonders in terms of boosting your presence on search results.

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