New solution to avoid corona waves! Hypertension can be prevented with ‘Super Antibody’

Monoclonal antibody treatment is needed to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the coming days and prevent epilepsy in the future.

Despite the existence of coronavirus in microbiology, the world had no idea that all areas from Everest to Antarctica could be severely affected by the virus. But this ‘virus tsunami’ started suddenly from 2020. It is better to call it a tsunami, because the wave of death and its aftermath reminds us of that horror. Despite research around the world, the virus has not yet been completely eradicated with vaccines.

The first two Covid-19 waves pushed the world from health to economic infrastructure. If you look at the Corona picture of India, then the death toll in the second wave and the cremation-graveyard picture are frightening. Despite corona testing and vaccination, the country has started counting the mistakes with the upcoming third wave. And this is where the question arises about the effectiveness of the vaccine. There are currently four vaccines in India. Their vaccines are effective against all species of corona (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, lambda, kappa and delta plus). But is it possible to build immunity acquired in this way?

What is this super antibody? How does it work in the human body?

Super antibodies have the same spike protein as coronavirus. Keep in mind that the coronavirus has a lethal character but surrounds these spike proteins. When the virus enters the body cells, the spike protein is of special importance to get the genome into the body cells. And that’s where the work of this super antibody begins. Since they also contain spike proteins, antibodies work to prevent corona with effort.

Why is this treatment being emphasized?

According to health experts and researchers, super antibodies such as sotrovimab, first generation monoclonal antibody, work on all species of coronavirus. It neutralizes the virus. As a result, Kovid loses power even after entering the body cells.

The US government and several countries around the world have already agreed to this treatment. Vir Biotechnology and GlaxoSmithKline has introduced a treatment in the United States called G1 mAb. According to the researchers in this study, the vaccines that have been developed around the world are based on certain species of corona. But there are questions about how effective the vaccine is for RNA viruses.

According to a report published in the journal Nature, a team of British scientists has stated that there is still no evidence of sufficient effectiveness of this treatment. But there are some good features.

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