Air Taxi: This time NASA will run a taxi in the sky

NASA also plans to look into many other issues before making a final decision.

NASA will drive a taxi in the sky this time. His test has also started. They will decide on this soon.

NASA will conduct this special test till September 10. NASA has named this special project testing electric vertical takeoff and landing or eVTOL for short. His project is under Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). Electric Flight Base Big Sur is scheduled to have its final test day next Friday in California.

If the test is successful, NASA plans to launch electric air taxis in urban areas or adjacent areas in the coming days. It can be considered as an alternative mode of transport in that case. Through that transport, both people and luggage can be carried successfully.

But they also plan to look into a number of other issues before making a final decision. Such as how much airspace can be found in the sky of the concerned area or where the location of the air taxi can be done, etc.

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