FMmoon Event Sponsorship

On-Air Sponsorship

Sponsoring an on-air contest or program can grant you exposure to a new audience and align your brand with certain causes, values, and beliefs.

Instead of a traditional commercial break, your business is branded within station programming by providing benefits (prizes) to our listeners. If your business sponsors that contest, you’ll have the opportunity to get your products or services into the hands of our listeners. From gift cards to oil changes, to free samples. Getting your product or service into the hands of consumers is easy when you sponsor an on-air contest.

We use appointment listening on our radio stations, so our listeners know exactly when a contest will be run. They also associate those contests with fun and winning. By sponsoring an on-air contest, your business will be branded every time the station plays that particular contest. It’s an interactive way to get your business in front of our listeners that doesn’t even seem like advertising.

We also talk about these contests on our social media pages, which reach hundreds of thousands of our loyal listeners every day. Many times, we mention the sponsor when we promote the on-air contest.

Live Broadcasts

Let people know what’s happening right now, and get people there. These are “in-the-moment” events. You can throw a party at your place of business, and invite our radio stations to show up for a live broadcast (also called a live remote in radio lingo). Then, use the name recognition of our on-air personalities to invite people over for the party. It’s like having a local celebrity with a big guest list at your event.

Host a Live Broadcast.

Here are some live broadcast-worthy event ideas:

  • Open house
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Grand openings
  • Seasonal sales

If you’re looking for event ideas to get customers to your place of business, talk to your radio rep. They’ve got loads of great ideas from other client success stories to inspire your next event.

Solidify Your Message with FMmoon

It can be difficult to define who you are as a business. Working from the inside out, so to speak, in order to appeal to your target audience requires intentional messaging and a strong foundation. Radio advertising can give you both.

You need to begin with branding. What does that mean? It means establishing an emotional connection to your audience, as well as a way to define who you are, and what you do. Simply put, branding is a way to communicate your image.

Leighton Broadcasting believes in a tried-and-true system specific to radio branding called BrandsFormation®. Under the guidance of Chuck Mefford, BrandsFormation® helps companies develop strong business identities and align messaging for powerful radio advertising strategies. Turn your great local business into a memorable local brand with increased loyalty. 

Think about what your brand means to consumers. With radio branding, it’s less about the product and more about the feeling and connection associated with it. People care more about the sizzle of the steak they’re intending to cook versus the grill they have to buy in order to get it. Does that make sense? 

Branding can be established through several different types of radio ads (known as spots) including:

  • Sixty – a :60 spot
  • Thirty – a :30 spot
  • Fifteen – a :15 spot
  • Ten (or Billboard) – a :10 spot usually including with a News or Weather Sponsorship
  • High Impact Plan (HIP) – a :05 or :06 spot purchased as an entire day
  • Sponsorship – a branded section of the on-air programming
  • Promotion – an interactive buy to place products or services into listeners’ hands to drive engagement via a contest or giveaway

Our team of radio advertising experts will comprehensively walk you through what your customized radio branding strategy would include across any of our stations or formats. Our company has six decades of experience with media and radio advertising and loves helping local businesses reach goals, grow, and become household names in the communities we serve.

Ready to get started? So are we. Get your business on the radio.